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Potentials, Opportunities, Constraints and Challenges in the District
Based on the key problems and related issues outlined above the following Potentials, Opportunities, Constraints and Challenges have been identified to serve as the basis for the formulation and implementation of various projects and programmes geared towards addressing the basic issue of growth and poverty reduction in the District during the plan period.

There exist in the District enormous Potentials and Opportunities which when carefully harnessed would bring about rapid and smooth development. Potentials are defined here as internal advantages and resources which when utilized will enable the District to overcome its Challenges while Opportunities are the external enabling factors for development. Constraints are disadvantages emanating from internal factors and Challenges are external obstacles that may hamper smooth development efforts.

In the pdf attached is a tabular representation of the identified Potentials, Opportunities, Constraints and Challenges of the Ga West District Assembly in the three thematic areas of the GPRS II     
Refer to pdf file for tables

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